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Use of the product, bus fares, car rentals or other costs related to the care and custody of the product. The term ‘consequential damages’ refers to the cost of repairing or replacing other property, which is damaged when this product does not work properly, resulting from the use or inability to use the products, including any damages incurred due to the negligent operation of a motor vehicle, in conjunction with the use of said products. The end-user acknowledges its responsibility for the use of the product. 

VUNKED disclaims any liability related to such theft and potential damage to property. It is the end user’s responsibility to protect its own property. The end-user further acknowledges that the operation of a motor vehicle is an inherently dangerous activity, and by its use of VUNKED’s products, acknowledges that the products are remotely related to said motor vehicle operation, and thus any damages caused to the driver of the vehicle, the vehicle itself or any third-party and its property is not the responsibility of VUNKED, its agents or its principals and is the sole responsibility of the driver of said vehicle.

You, the end-user, or any other driver of the vehicle, is solely responsible for the safe operation of the Vehicle and the safety of both you and the passengers. For safety purposes, the product should not be used for the driver’s entertainment, while the vehicle is being driven. Such use could be a distraction to the driver, which could cause an accident leading to serious injury or death. If you, the end-user allows another person to use the vehicle, it is your responsibility to thoroughly brief that other user, on the safety requirements for operating the vehicle and the products installed therein.

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