12V Fuse Box System

12V Fuse Box System

The 12V fuse box system is perfect for any campervan with up to twelve available circuits. It also comes with an isolation switch for added safety and all required cables, lugs and heat shrink.

  • 12V Fuse Box – Connect up to 12 12V circuits
  • Victron Energy Isolation Switch – Safely isolate your 12V circuit from the rest of your system
  • Everything required for installation – All required cables, lugs, fuses and heat shrink
  • Install with confidence – Includes installation guide and wiring diagram inclusive of wire and fuse sizes


Build your own system

Everybody’s campervan conversion is different. There’s no reason your electrical system shouldn’t be too.

Build your own Victron powered campervan electrical system in minutes…



In all campervan electrical systems, you’ll require a 12V fuse box to wire up your 12V appliances. This simple system has everything you need to get started. A 12V fuse with up to 12 connection points, isolation switch and all required cables/lugs to connect it to the rest of your system.

  • 12V 12-way Fuse Box
  • Victron energy isolation switch
  • Midi fuse holder
  • 40A Midi Fuse
  • 2m 16mm² red single-core cable
  • 2m 16mm² black single-core cable
  • 16/6 copper tube terminal x6
  • 16/10 copper tube terminal x4
  • 16mm² heat shrink for cable