15A Victron Battery Charger System

15A Victron Battery Charger System

Use your 230V appliances and charge your leisure battery while hooked up at a campsite using this 15A Victron Battery Charger system.

  • Charge and play – Charge your leisure battery when at a campsite and use your 230V appliances
  • Multi-stage charge algorithm – Ensures the perfect charge no matter the state of your leisure battery
  • Everything required for installation – All required consumer unit, cables, lugs, fuses and heat shrink
  • Safety First – Conforms to British safety standard BS 7671:2018


You can use our calculator to see how long the charger will take to charge your leisure battery bank


Build your own system

Everybody’s campervan conversion is different. There’s no reason your electrical system shouldn’t be too.

Build your own Victron powered campervan electrical system in minutes…


What’s included?

Use your 230V appliances and charge your leisure battery at the same time while hooked up at a campsite with this 15A Victron battery charger system. This system includes everything required to install a battery charger system inside your campervan. This system conforms to British safety standard BS 7671:2018 due to the consumer unit containing double pole RCDs and MCBs. Each individual outlet system is also protected by its own MCBs are per regulations.


  • 15A Victron Blue Smart Battery Charger
  • Double pole mains consumer unit
  • 10m 2.5mm²  3-core arctic blue cable
  • 2m 6mm²  earth wire
  • White/Black flush fitting mains inlet
  • 2m 16mm² Red single-core cable
  • 2m 16mm² Black single-core cable
  • Midi fuse holder
  • 30A Midi Fuse
  • 16/6 copper tube terminal x6
  • 6/8 copper tube terminal x2
  • Heat shrink for 6mm² & 16mm² cable

Note: 230V sockets are not provided as part of this system.


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Helping You Decide

Who is this system for?

This system is perfect for those who would like to spend most of their time at a campsite while still being able to use 12V while off-grid. when you’re at a campsite you can use all your household appliances and sleep easy knowing your leisure battery will be fully charged for tomorrow’s adventure.


On top of that, an adapter can easily be purchased allowing you to plug in directly to your sockets at home so your leisure batteries can be fully charged before leaving.

How quickly will this charge my leisure battery?

This depends on the battery bank size you have chosen for your campervan. Use the calculator tab to see how many hours are required to charge your leisure battery. You can check out our other Victron battery charger systems if you’d like a different size.

Is it compatible with my leisure battery?

The seven-stop charging algorithm ensures your battery is charged to perfection every time. On top of that, the 15A Victron battery charger system will attempt to recharge a deeply-discharged battery by starting with an ultra-low current until there is sufficient voltage across the battery terminal to resume normal charging. Compatible with Li-ion (LiFePO₄) batteries; when the integrated LI-ION charge mode is selected the charge cycle settings are altered to suit. The full setup instructions can be found on the Victron documentation.

Built-in Bluetooth

The 15A Victron battery charger system has built-in Bluetooth which allows you to connect to the VictronConnect App wirelessly. You can customise your charging settings and check the status of the charger all via the Victron App.