175W Solar, 12V

175W Solar, 12V

Our complete campervan electrical systems use high-quality Victron components and come with a complete wiring diagram and illustrated installation guide. The following system includes,

  • Highly efficient solar – 175W Monocrystalline Victron Solar Panel paired with 75/15 Victron MPPT
  • Everything required for installation – All the necessary consumer units, cable, lugs, fuses and heat shrink
  • Install with confidence – Includes installation guide and wiring diagram inclusive of wire and fuse sizes


Read the description bellow to see everything that is included


Build your own system

Everybody’s campervan conversion is different. There’s no reason your electrical system shouldn’t be too.

Build your own Victron powered campervan electrical system in minutes…


This campervan electrical system is made up of the following systems,

Combi Fuse Battery System

Keep your system safe and tidy using our smart combi fuse holder battery system. Leisure batteries are not included but this system is compatible with all types of 12V batteries.

  • Combi fuse holder
  • Guardian – Busbar 4 x 8mm Studs 250Amps
  • Victron Energy – Battery Switch ON/OFF 275A
  • 100A Mega Fuse
  • 2m of 35mm² Red Single Core Wire
  • 2m of 35mm² Black Single Core Wire
  • All required lugs and heat shrink (see system essentials)

175W Monocrystalline Victron Solar System

Harness the power of the sun with Victron’s 175W monocrystalline solar panel. Dimensions: L1485 x W668 x D30mm. adhesive corner mounting brackets are also included with this system.

  • Victron Energy – 175W monocrystalline solar panel (L1485 x W668 x D30mm)
  • Victron Energy – SmartSolar MPPT 75/15
  • Solar panel z-brackets x4
  • White single solar roof gland x2
  • MC4 connectors x2
  • 30A Midi fuse
  • 14m of 4mm² TUV Black solar Wire
  • All required lugs and heat shrink (see system essentials)

12V System

Connect up to 12 circuits of 12V appliances with this easy-to-install 12V Fuse Box.

  • 12V Fuse Box
  • Victron Energy – Battery Switch ON/OFF 275A
  • 30A Midi Fuse
  • 2m of 16mm² Red Single Core Wire
  • 2m of 16mm² Black Single Core Wire
  • All required lugs and heat shrink (see system essentials)

System Essentials

  • 16/6 Copper Cable Lug x8
  • 16/10 Copper Cable Lug x4
  • 35/8 Copper Cable Lug x4
  • 35/10 Copper Cable Lug x6
  • 4/6 Isolated solar terminals x 10
  • 1m Black Heat Shrink 9.5mm
  • 1m Red Heat Shrink 12.7mm
  • 1m Black Heat Shrink 12.7mm

Off-grid Calculator

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Not Included

Self Assembly

This kit arrives unassembled. With our full wiring diagram and illustrated installation guide, you can have confidence that your electrical system is safe. It is recommended that installation is carried out by a trained professional or at minimum signed off before use.

No 230V Sockets

Although sockets are shown in the wiring diagram they are NOT included as part of the system. The interior of your van is unique to you and the options for sockets are endless.

Basic Tools

You will need the following tools to complete this build – Drill, Stanley Knife, Heat Gun/Lighter, Wire crimpers, Sikaflex (recommend solar adhesive) and cable cutters.

Wire strippers are recommended when handling thinner wire <6mm² to make your life easy. Also, when crimping lugs onto the end of cables we recommend using the hammer crimping tool. If you need to crimp lugs onto wire thicker than 35mm then a hydraulic crimping tool is recommended.

Battery Monitoring

This system does not automatically include any battery monitoring. We’ve provided enough lugs as part of this system that you can easily add the Victron Energy SmartShunt.

12v Wiring

We don’t provide any 12v wiring, lugs or blade fuses for the 12v fuse box this will be required to be purchased separately.

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