Camping Electric Hook Up Lead

Camping Electric Hook Up Lead

The camping electric hook-up lead is essential for connecting your vehicle’s electrical system to shore power, allowing you to recharge your leisure batteries while at a campsite.

Designed to meet the power rating requirements of UK and European campsites, this shore power inlet has a maximum rating of 10A or 16A, making it an ideal solution for campers who need a reliable and consistent power supply while parked up.



Camping Electric Hook Up Lead – 10m

If you plan on charging your leisure batteries while at a campsite, you’ll need to connect to mains power. To do this, you’ll need a camping electric hook-up lead which will easily connect your campervan to shore power so that you can use all your 230V appliances.

The hook-up lead includes a clear plastic storage bag with a carry handle for easy transportation.

Site hook up connection leads are fitted with CEE 16 Amp plug & 16 Amp coupler. Fully tested & checked this lead will plug into a UK site socket to supply 240v electricity to a caravan.

Connecting power to your campervan

If you are planning on buying a hook up lead you will need a way to connect it to your campervan. Check out your following options – Victron 16A Shore Inlet Polymide, Black/White flush fitting inlet

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Weight 0.5 kg

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