Combi Fuse Box Battery System (200A Max)

Combi Fuse Box Battery System (200A Max)

Keep your system safe and tidy with this combi fuse box battery system. Easily connect this system to your battery and have up to 4 other charger/distribution circuits connected directly to it.

  • Combi fuse box – Build complete campervan electrical system up to a max of 200A
  • Safe and Tidy – Creates a 50% reduction in the required number of lugs
  • Everything required for installation – All required consumer units, cable, lugs, fuses and heat shrink
  • Install with confidence – Includes installation guide and wiring diagram inclusive of wire and fuse sizes


Build your own system

Everybody’s campervan conversion is different. There’s no reason your electrical system shouldn’t be too.

Build your own Victron powered campervan electrical system in minutes…


What’s Included?

This Combi fuse box battery system has been created to help complete your campervan electrical system. With this one system, you can connect up to 4 other circuits directly into it creating a complete campervan electrical system. Add your own battery bank or choose

  • Optional leisure battery
  • 200A Combi fuse holder for midi and mega fuses
  • 250A M8 negative busbar
  • 2m 35mm² red single-core cable
  • 2m 35mm² black single-core cable
  • 200A Mega fuse
  • Negative/Positive Terminal cover for 35mm cable
  • 35/8 copper tube terminal x8
  • 35/10 copper tube terminal x4
  • Heat shrink for 35mm² cable

Why is this required?

Many systems on the market recommend connecting your campervan electrical system directly to your batteries. The problem with this is that things can get messy quickly if you have lots of connections going to one small terminal on the battery. To fix this we can use a combi fuse holder,

  • Suitable for up to 200A (up to 1200Va Victron Inverter/Multiplus, any larger please use our lynx distributor system)
  • 50% reduction in the number of required lugs. This decrease the number of potential points of failure and makes it easier to install.
  • System isolation switch. Isolated your batteries from the rest of the circuits when required.
  • No individual fuse holders are required. Helps make it an easy installation.


The combi fuse box battery system is perfect for most systems up to 200A. In real terms, this means that this system will be suitable for an electrical system which uses up to 1200W 230V while off-grid. If you are using a larger inverter and inverter/charger system then we recommend using our Lynx distributor battery system.