Solar Cable Black TUV (4mm² – 6mm²)

Solar Cable Black TUV (4mm² – 6mm²)

When installing a solar system, it is always recommended to use TUV solar cable to provide an extra layer of protection from the elements. This cable is UV-resistant, flame retardant and highly flexible making it the perfect choice for solar installations.

  • TUV certified
  • Extreme temperature (-40°C and +90°C)
  • UV-Resistant
  • Double insulated



TUV Solar Cable – 4mm² – 6mm²

Our solar cables are TÜV certified they meet the requirements of the DKE (German Electrical Commission) and features the best mechanical and electrical characteristics. The high-quality double insulation protects the cable from temperatures between -40° C and +90° C.

The special insulation compound is waterproof and suitable for direct burial in earth.


  • UV-Resistant, ozone-, acid-, alkali,weather-resistant and water proof
  • Flame-retardant, halogen-free
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Highly flexible for high mechanical stress
  • Insulation Sheath colour: black
  • Suitable for extreme temperature conditions.
  • If incinerated, it does not generate toxic gases.

Cable construction

  • Tin-plated copper strand, fine wire as per IEC 60228 class 5
  • Double insulated
  • Special chemical compound for insulation

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