250VA Victron Phoenix Inverter System

250VA Victron Phoenix Inverter System

The 250VA Victron Phoenix inverter system converts 12V battery power into 230V power. With this all-in-one bundle, you will be powering your appliances in no time.

  • Power your appliances – 250VA pure sine wave Victron Phoenix Inverter (175W at 25°C)
  • Safety Guaranteed – Double pole mains consumer unit for system compliance to UK Safety Standards
  • Everything required for installation – All required consumer units, cable, lugs, fuses and heat shrink
  • Install with confidence – Includes installation guide and wiring diagram inclusive of wire and fuse sizes


Use our Inverter Calculator to check this is the right inverter size for you.


Build your own system

Everybody’s campervan conversion is different. There’s no reason your electrical system shouldn’t be too.

Build your own Victron powered campervan electrical system in minutes…


What’s Included

The 250VA Victron Phoenix Inverter system is the perfect choice for using any 230V appliances with less than 175W e.g a small laptop or drone.
The following items are included in this product:
  • 250VA Victron Phoenix Inverter
  • Installation guide
  • Wiring diagram with wire and fuse sizes
  • Double pole mains consumer unit
  • 10m 2.5mm²  3-core arctic blue cable
  • 2m 6mm²  earth wire
  • 2m 10mm² red single-core cable
  • 2m 10mm² black single-core cable
  • 13A 230V UK Domestic Plug White
  • Midi fuse holder
  • 40A Midi Fuse
  • 10/6 copper tube terminal x8
  • 6/8 copper tube terminal x2
  • 6mm² & 10mm²  heat shrink for cable

Note: 23oV sockets are not provided as part of this system


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Helping You Decide

Campervan electrics can be confusing, thats why we have included the following:

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Not Included

Self Assembly

This kit arrives unassembled. With our wiring diagram and installation guide, you can have confidence in your electrical system. Installations must ALWAYS be completed by a trained professional.

No 230V Sockets.

Although sockets are shown in the wiring diagram they are <b>NOT</b> included as part of the system. The interior of your van is unique to you and the options for sockets are endless.


You will need to the following tools to complete this build – Dill, Stanley Knife, Heat Gun/Lighter, Wire crimpers. We also recommend some wire strippers to make life easier.

Wire Crimpers

We do not include wire crimpers in this system. These are required for crimping lugs to thicker wire >6mm² and can be purchased here. We also recommend wire strippers when handling thinner wire <6mm² to make your life easy