Campervan Solar Panel 215W – Victron 24V Mono

Campervan Solar Panel 215W – Victron 24V Mono

Our 215W campervan solar panel is the perfect solution for sustainable and efficient energy on your campervan trips. Explore the great outdoors while charging your devices with our top-of-the-line Victron Energy solar panels. Order now and experience hassle-free freedom.

  • Solar charging in all weather conditions – Solar panels that capture and convert energy in even the slightest amount of sunlight
  • Efficient solar charging at high and low temperatures – Solar panel performance will stay consistent, even as temperatures rise as a result of direct sunlight
  • 25-year limited warranty on output power and performance – Long-term reliability and durability means you are making a smart investment into your campervan’s future
  • Easy solar panel installation – Install easily onto the roof of your campervan using z-brackets or corner mounts



Campervan Solar Panel 215W – Victron Energy 24V Mono series 4a

This Victron Energy 215W campervan solar panel is monocrystalline, meaning each solar PV cell is made of a single silicon crystal. Monocrystalline solar panels are more efficient than polycrystalline solar panels so you will get a higher solar yield from your panels.

Solar Charging In All Weather Conditions

This 115W Victron Energy Solar Panel will capture and convert even the slightest amount of sunlight into usable energy for your campervan. It has a high sensitivity to light across the entire solar spectrum. This ensures that our solar panel can capture and utilise all wavelengths of light, from ultraviolet to infrared. Thus maximising energy production and efficiency. Whether you’re powering your campervan in rain or shine, this solar panel delivers consistent and sustainable energy production.

Efficient Solar Charging at Low and High Temperatures

The Victron Energy 215W campervan solar panel is designed to provide reliable and efficient power even in high-temperature environments. A low voltage-temperature coefficient ensures the panel’s performance remains consistent even as temperatures rise. So whether exploring the desert or mountains, this solar panel is a reliable and effective choice for powering your campervan.

Solar Panel Dimensions

L1580 x W808 x D35mm

25 Year Warranty

The 25-Year limited warranty on power output and performance is an impressive statement. Therefore, you can trust this product’s long-term reliability and durability, knowing it is designed to withstand even the toughest conditions.

Thanks to its high-quality construction and advanced technology, this solar panel delivers exceptional performance, even in low-light conditions. Furthermore, rest assured that you’re making a smart investment in your campervan’s future.

Easy Solar Panel Installation

Use solar panel z-brackets or solar panel corner mounts to install this solar panel on top of your campervan roof. Unsure which is best for you? Learn everything you need to know about installing a solar panel.

Pick Up A Solar Panel Charge Controller (MPPT)

You will want an MPPT Solar Charge Controller to get the most out of your solar panels, use Victron Energy’s MPPT calculator to find out which MPPT works for your solar panel.

Alternatively, pick up a ready-to-install 215W Solar panel kit courtesy of Vunked. This kit includes everything you need to install your solar panel on your campervan roof. Get solar panels, MPPT, wires, fuses, luges and heat-shrink delivered directly to your door in this neat bundle. In addition, get a step-by-step installation guide.

Rigid Vs Flexible Solar Panels

What’s the difference between Rigid and Flexible solar panels? Learn everything you need to know about solar panels.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 15.8 × 8.08 × 0.35 cm



1580 × 808 × 35 mm


Victron Energy

Solar Panel Type

Rigid Solar Panel

Solar Cell Type


Solar Panel Size


Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)


Short circuit current (Isc)


Maximum Power Voltage (Vmpp)


Maximum Power Current (Impp)



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