How To Install a Victron Inverter

Install a Victron Inverter with confidence by following our step-by-step guide


Inverter Installation Overview

Are you trying to work out how you to install a Victron campervan inverter? Can’t figure out your blacks from your reds? Fear not! We’ve got you covered with this step by step guide on how to install a Victron inverter.

Please note, this guide is for installing a Victron Phoenix Pure Sine Wave Smart Inverter ( > 2000VA)

If you’re using a smaller inverter, try this installation guide instead

In this blog, we will cover:

  1. What is an inverter?
  2. What You Need to Install a Campervan Inverter
  3. Installing The Inverter Input to the Battery System
  4. Installing the Inverter Output to the Consumer Unit
  5. Campervan Inverter Final Check

Ok let’s get started. By the end of this blog you should have completed your Victron inverter install and it will look something like this,

2000VA Inverter System

What Is An Inverter?

Campervan Inverters: The real life explaination

Firstly, for some adventurers, holidays mean sleeping under the stars on an old piece of foam. For others, hairdryers are a necessity. If you fall into the latter category and want to power your hairdryer, laptop (or anything else) while exploring beautiful places in your campervan, then you’ll need an inverter.

Campervan Inverters: The technical explanation

An inverter is essentially a piece of electrical kit that transforms your 12V power supply from your leisure batteries into a wonderfully usable 230V, allowing you to provide power to a 3-pin socket, just like at home.

As great as inverters are, they can be tricky to install, so this guide will go through everything you need to know about how to install a Victron Inverter. So, say goodbye to wet hair and hello to freshly ground coffee and a fully charged laptop.

What size of inverter do I need?

If you haven’t decided what size of inverter you need, we recommend reading our inverter sizing guide first.

If you want to visualise your full system, we also have a super handy calculator so you can tick the boxes of what you want to use when you’re living ‘la vida loca’ in your campervan.

Build your own Electrical system

Everybody’s campervan conversion is different. There’s no reason your electrical system shouldn’t be too.

Use our free Campervan Electrics System Builder to power your van life adventures.

What You Need to Install An Inverter

Campervan Inverter Parts List

To install a Victron inverter in a campervan, you will need the following parts:

  1. 2000VA Victron Phoenix inverter
  2. Double pole consumer unit
  3. 3-pin plug
  4. 230V Socket(s)
  5. Red/Black Single Core Wire
  6. 3-core Arctic Flex Cable
  7. Earth Cable
  8. Midi Fuse Holder with Midi Fuse
  9. Unisolated Lugs

Sourcing Victron Inverter Parts

If sourcing all of these parts doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time, we’ve already done the hard part and figured out precisely what cable sizes and fuse sizes you’ll need, and you can buy a Victron inverter with everything you need to connect it right here:

Victron Inverter Parts List

Note that our kits do not have 3-pin sockets for using your 230V appliances. This is because everyone has their own tastes, and your sockets will have to match the aesthetic of your van. Luckily, 3-pin sockets can be picked up at any local hardware shop.

Safety Warning

Working with 230V electricity is dangerous and can kill. We always recommend getting a professional to carry out the electrical installation and ensure it is signed off before use.

How to Install a Victron Inverter

Connecting the Inverter to your Leisure Battery

  1. Run the negative wire from the negative busbar to the negative terminal on the inverter using the unisolated lugs provided.
  2. Run the positive wire from the positive busbar to the positive terminal on the inverter using the unisolated lugs provided via the midi fuse.
  3. Run the negative wire from the earth terminal on the inverter to the negative busbar to ensure the component is grounded correctly.
Inverter Terminals | Installing a Victron Inverter

Connecting the Inverter to your Consumer Unit

To safely use your shiny new 3-pin socket, you’ll have to install a double pole consumer unit between your inverter and your 230V appliances. This is done in 2 parts:

  • Connecting the inverter output to the consumer unit
  • Connecting the consumer unit output to the sockets you want to use in your van
Inverter to Consumer Unit Connections

Connecting the Inverter Output to Consumer Unit Input

Furthermore, when you install a Victron Inverter, there are a few things to consider at this stage: 

1. Ensure the inverter is turned off and you isolate your battery for extra precaution

2. Strip one end of the wire so that each wire is exposed (live, neutral & earth) and connect it to the 3-pin plug

3. Run the wire with the plug attached from the socket on the inverter to the consumer unit, adding some extra wire before cutting

4. Strip the other end of the wire, so it is ready for installation within the consumer unit

5. Connect the green and yellow earth wire to the Earth connection within the consumer unit

6. Connect the blue neutral wire to the neutral connection on the RCD

7. Connect the brown live wire to the live connection on the RCD

8. Earth the consumer unit by running an earth wire from the consumer unit to the vehicle chassis

Large inverter to consumer unit connections

Connecting the Consumer Unit to 230V Sockets​

  1. Ensure all sockets are turned off, and all 230V appliances are removed

  2. Measure the distance between the sockets and the consumer unit cutting the wire to size

  3. Strip one end of the 2.5mm 3-core wire ready for installation within the consumer unit

  4. Connect the green and yellow earth wire to the Earth connection within the consumer unit

  5. Connect the blue neutral wire to the neutral connection within the consumer unit

  6. Connect the brown live wire to the live connection on the MCB

  7. Strip the other end of the wire and connect it to your double socket Ensure each wire is connected to the correct terminal.
Installing Consumer Unit MCB’s to Output Sockets
Top Tip

Depending on which consumer unit you opted for, you will have either one or two MCB’s.

We recommend the 10Amp MCB being connected to a double socket and the 6Amp MCB being connected to a single socket.

Testing Your New Victron Inverter

Conduct Final Checks

You have very nearly installed a Victron Inverter in your Campervan. Congrats!

Once everything is connected, conduct your final checks of your Victron Inverter:

  1. Switch the Consumer Unit on. This will complete the circuit between Leisure Battery and 230V Sockets


  2. Turn the Inverter on – a solid green LED will illuminate on the inverter


  3. Connect a light to your 230V socket, and turn it on – if it’s all been done correctly, the light should be on.


  4. Shout “Eureka!” and jump up and down. Congratulations – you have installed your Victron Energy Inverter. 

Buying a Victron Inverter

Now that you know all the ins and outs of installing an inverter, you can buy with absolute confidence.

Of course, here at Vunked, we don’t just sell the best inverters for your van, but they come complete with everything you need for your campervan electrics installation and access to our super-helpful installation guides.

If you’re still stuck with anything campervan inverter-related, as always, give one of our team a ring and let us get you on the right track.

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